Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment consists in the removal of the pulp (nerve) of a tooth. This is normally located at the
centre of the tooth called the pulp chamber and extends through the root of the tooth along the root canal. Once the pulp is removed the empty space is cleaned, disinfected, shaped and filled with a special material.

The reason why this pulp needs to be removed is because sometimes gets damaged due to several causes such as deep cavities, injury of the tooth (recent or past), cracks, etc.root canal treatment west sydney

These and other situations can cause the death of the pulp and a dead pulp can get easily infected, pus may build up forming an abscess which
usually causes a great deal of pain.

Root canal treatments are usually done in two or three sessions:

  • In the first session, an opening is made on the crown of the tooth and the diseased pulp is removed, this is called pulpectomy, the pulp chamber and root canal are cleaned, disinfected and
    medication placed inside, after this a temporary filling is left until the following session.
  • During the second session the canal, or canals if the tooth has more than one root, are cleaned again and shaped to a certain size.root_canal fairfield and wetherill park
  • In the final session the root canal or canals are sealed and the tooth is ready to be restored.

Very often after the root canal is finished a porcelain crown is needed to restore the tooth properly since usually these teeth are badly damaged and need a strong type of restoration.

The rate of success of root canal treatment is very high, over 90% are successful, but a small percentage do fail mostly because sometimes there are extra hidden canals or parts of the normal canal that are hard to reach and consequently cannot be properly cleaned and disinfected.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that any tooth that has been successfully treated with a root canal and restored can get decayed or diseased later on in time like any other tooth that has no had root canal treatment before, so it is very important to have the regular check-up and cleaning every 6 months.

Some people have the impression that root canal treatments are very painful but the truth of the matter is nowadays with the dental advances and local anaesthetics very little or no pain is felt at all furthermore rotary root canal techniques are now available which makes the procedure more accurate and even more successful than the conventional manual one.

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