Advice on brushing your child's teeth by Dr Pedro Gonzalez dentist in Fairfield

3 Situations When You Should See an Emergency Dentist

  When we think of a medical emergency, we rarely consider it will involve our teeth and gums. However, there are a number of medical conditions and problems which may occur and require the attention of an emergency dentist. But you will not know when to seek an emergency dentist and why, unless you understand


How Does Ultrasonic Scaling Differ from Manual Scaling When It Comes to Plaque Removal?

As mentioned before, periodontal (or gum) disease can be one of the most common issues that many people suffer from. Not many people understand the need to take care of their teeth and gums. Hence, they seldom pay any attention to oral hygiene and care. Over time, the teeth will start losing their colour and


3 Most Popular Services You Can Get from a Fairfield Dental Practice?

  Dental health and hygiene is one of the key areas of maintaining proper health and wellbeing. Most of us cannot imagine living our lives without teeth and so, properly maintaining them is a necessity. If you happen to live in Fairfield, you should consult with a reliable Fairfield dental practice and establish a routine


What Suggestions Do Dentists Give their Patients for Dealing with Extrinsic and Intrinsic Stains on Teeth?

  The average person consumes a variety of food and drink on any given day. While eating, particles of food might become stuck in the gap present between the teeth. In addition, some of the ingredients present in the food might stain the teeth as well. Similarly, some liquids could affect the enamel of the


Quality Dental Services Can Minimise Tooth Decay Risk and Other Concerns

    In many cases, people will not mind visiting their doctors or general physicians regularly. But, they will keep procrastinating when it comes to visiting their dentist. Some people will not even want to visit their dentist to undergo a routine check-up. These individuals will have little trouble convincing themselves that their teeth remain


Adult with braces and adult with aligners Fairfield

When Are Veneers Appropriate For a Cosmetic Dentist Fairfield To Use?

  A cosmetic dentist Fairfield residents can contact for help can offer veneers to those patients. A veneer is a cover that features a porcelain or composite material. The surface is applied to the front part of a tooth to produce a natural and bright look. But it helps to look at when a Fairfield