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FAQs about the CDBS

The Child Benefits Dental Schedule (CDBS) is offered by the government for some of the dental services provided to children. But many parents are confused about the CDBS and have many questions. We answer the 5 questions asked the most about the CDBS here. 1. What is the child dental benefits schedule? The CDBS is


Choosing the Correct Dental Treatment Fairfield for your Dental Care

Choosing a dentist is important when it comes to your dental care.  To feel confident with the service you’re receiving, you have to be familiar with the dental professionals and their experience. At Civic Plaza Dental we ensure our professionals are experienced and well familiar with dental treatment Fairfield to provide local customers with the


Treatments Available from a Cosmetic Dentist Fairfield

Until the late 20th century, dental procedures were purely functional, aiming to remedy damage with minimal regard to appearance. In recent decades, cosmetic dentistry has begun to emerge as a large field in dental procedures. Modern treatments from a cosmetic dentist Fairfield can improve the look and feel of teeth and gums while boosting self-confidence