4 tips on maintaining your natural teeth for longer

Of course that the most important piece of advice that you can follow is to visit your dentist regularly so they can identify any early signs of disease on time and treat it. However, there are some other advice that you might not hear as often.4 tips on maintaining your teeth for longer - smole

Always consult your dentist when you have any questions about your dental health. In the meantime, read these 4 pieces of advice and keep them handy as you might need to share them with friends or family.

  1. Avoid sugary drinks and foods when possible:

Not only in quantity but also in frequency; consuming sugar in high quantities or frequently can lead to tooth decay in baby and permanent teeth.

High sugar content in drinks is just as bad as sugary foods and should be kept to a very minimum.

Caries can lead to permanent tooth loss, pain, and bad breath among other unwanted symptoms.


  1. Wear a mouthguard when playing contact sports:

It is very important to protect children’s and adult’s teeth when playing any type of contact sport. It is very easy that the wrong type of contact can impact a person’s tooth and knock it out or, in the best of cases, impact the tooth in such a way that it cracks all the way to the root allowing bacteria to thrive and causing infection and tremendous pain.

In both cases, costly treatment is required to savage the tooth or replace with a dental implant or dentures.


  1. Baby teeth are important too:

Some little patients suffer from caries way too often when they’re little and end up losing their baby teeth before nature intended them to because of this.

Some parents might think that this is ok as the child had to lose their baby teeth sooner or later; however, baby teeth have the function of creating room in the right places for permanent teeth to erupt, when baby teeth are lost prematurely permanent teeth might come up in the wrong places inside the mouth, and cause severe crooked teeth and more serious dental conditions that will affect the child’s health and self-esteem. Also resulting in costly treatments.


  1. Replace extracted teeth with dental implants or dentures:

If your dentist suggests that the best course of action for a condition you have is extracting your tooth, make sure that you also discuss replacing that tooth with a dental implant or dentures.

Replacing your missing tooth is very important as a missing tooth will result in other teeth moving, becoming malpositioned and causing caries and extreme wear and tear which in turn results in the loss of more teeth, creating a vicious cycle of tooth loss.

Always consult your dentist and try your best to follow their advice on what is best for your dental health.

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