Saving a knocked out tooth its possible, follow Dr Pedro Gonzalez' instructios

What to do when your child knocks a tooth out

Stay calm! Knocked-out teeth can be saved by acting quick and following these instructions: Step 1: Pick up the tooth by the crown NOT the root Find the tooth at the site of the accident and carefully pick it up from the crown or chewing surface. Avoid touching the root of the tooth (the part


Infection control at civic plaza dental care in Fairfield

Infection Control at Civic Plaza Dental Care | Fairfield Dentist

Infection control procedures at a dental practice should be one of your biggest concerns when selecting a dental practitioner. The Australian Government has clear guidelines on what dentists should be doing to protect you and your family. At Civic Plaza Dental Care we take the safety of our patients and our staff very seriously, that is


Medicare Child Dental Benefit Scheme in fairfield

Medicare – Child Dental Benefit Scheme

Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS) 2017 Recent changes have been introduced to the Child Dental Benefit Scheme, eligible children commencing a new cap period in 2017 will have access to a benefit cap of up to $700 over a 2 year calendar period. The CDBS commenced in 2014 with the aim to provide access to


Teeth whitening advice at Civic Plaza Dental Care with Dr. Pedro Gonzalez in Fairfield

3 things you should know about teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening with Dr. Pedro Gonzalez in Fairfield With summer and the holiday season upon us you may be considering investing some time and money on your smile to ensure you look your best on those festive pictures! If teeth whitening is in your to-do list for the next couple of months, read the post


November Dental Offer at Civic Plaza Dental Ι Fairfield Dentist

You and your family can enjoy this special offer during the month of November at Civic Plaza Dental! The gap-free offer includes: Dental examination, Dental clean, including prophylaxis and scaling, and Fluoride treatment. Remember that for most private health insurance providers, dental benefits reset every December, so don’t waste this opportunity to use those benefits


Advice on cavities by Dr Pedro Gonzalez dentist in Fairfield

5 tips on looking after your child’s baby teeth

Looking after the teeth of young children is very important, the fact that children eventually lose their baby teeth doesn’t mean that these don’t play an important role in your child’s development, or that it’s ok to do nothing if baby teeth are hurt or lost before nature intended. In order to ensure that your


root_canal fairfield and wetherill park Civic Plaza Dental Care

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment consists in the removal of the pulp (nerve) of a tooth. This is normally located at the centre of the tooth called the pulp chamber and extends through the root of the tooth along the root canal. Once the pulp is removed the empty space is cleaned, disinfected, shaped and filled with


Interest free payment plan at Civic Plaza Dental Care in Fairfield

Interest Free Payment Plan for your dental treatment

Don’t postpone your dental treatment any longer! Civic Plaza Dental is proud to introduce our new interest-free payment plan for dental treatments. With our interest-free payment plans enjoy: Spread the total cost of your dental treatment over 12 months and pay no interest! No credit or finance contracts. No credit checks. Payments direct debited from


4 tips on keeping your teeth for longer by Dr Pedro Gonzalez dentist in Fairfield

4 tips on maintaining your natural teeth for longer

Of course that the most important piece of advice that you can follow is to visit your dentist regularly so they can identify any early signs of disease on time and treat it. However, there are some other advice that you might not hear as often. Always consult your dentist when you have any questions